Armory → Shirt of the Undaunted

Shirt of the Undaunted
Binds when picked up
900 Armor
+8525000 Health
+196020 Strength
+196020 Intellect
+825000 Stamina
+196020 Agility
Meta Socket
Red Socket
Requires Level 255
Item Level 400
Equip: Increases your haste rating by 550.
Equip: Increases your spell penetration rating by 275.
Equip: Increases your resilience rating by 550.
Equip: Increases your spellpower by 825000.
Equip: Increases your attack power by 825000.
Chance on hit: Unknown effect
Equip: Unknown effect
Equip: When struck in combat has a chance of freezing the attacker in place for 3 sec.
Use: A protective mana shield surrounds the caster absorbing 500 damage. While the shield holds, increases mana regeneration by 22 every 5 sec for 30 min.