Because we were in top 50 on ALL vote top sites at the end of the last month we decided to reward our Top 5 Voters with 150 DP and the ones that were in top 5 Voters for 3 months in a row with 500 DPs.


Last Month Top Voters : (Accounts Name)

1.QULAN - 626 Votes - 500 DPs Rewarded
2.ABAWPWERTE - 617 Votes - 500 DPs Rewarded
3.DIAN5085- 597 Votes - 500 DPs Rewarded
4.VENDA3 - 589 Votes - 500 DPs Rewarded
5.BOIKO- 579 Votes - 500 DPs Rewarded



Do not forget, Monthly Epic Boss Event will be hosted on 21th of May (Saturday) => 11:00 AM Server Time - You will have the chance to win Custom Items,Custom Mounts,Custom Titles,Custom Unique Transmogs  ! (Everyone will get a USEFUL reward even the ones that are already Full Custom / Donor - The reward will be chosen by you. - like we did before)


Best Regards,

The Transcend Team