Mid-Summer Event would take place in a beach that is reside in Stranglethorn Vale (STV). In Halloween 2020, we were fighting pirates in the same location, and we drove them away.


Today, this beach became a summer festival for the players to enjoy heat, but the pirates are back again, trying to take revenge, this time they are ghosts.


Players would have to participate in the event for the 1st week in the event as there would be a limited time rewards, and tokens that is redeemable when the new core is out, these tokens can be exchange for exclusive not in-game items.


The event will be held for 2months, new Chain quest will be added, new boss mechanics, and new prize pools, some limited time items that has been introduced previously might be subjected to return too.


Expected Release Saturday 10/7/2021



Best Regards,

The Transcend Team