The Feast of Winter Veil is a festive time of year during which players can sample delicious festive treats, playfully toss snowballs, and receive special holiday gifts! The Feast of Winter Veil is a reference to the end-of-year seasonal holiday of Christmas, featuring Greatfather Winter as an in-game version of Santa Claus.

During the Feast of Winter Veil players are sent on various quests. There are a number of special festival-only foods which players can purchase or prepare, ranging from delicious  Gingerbread Cookie to the maybe-not-quite-so-delicious  Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake! As the festival nears its end, on the morning of December 25th (corresponding with Christmas Day) players can retrieve festive gifts from beneath tall, decorated trees found in Mall. These gifts contain seasonal, festival-only items and always includes a special item available only during that year's festival! Completion of the fourth daily holiday quests and farming  Merry Supplies will grant players the possibility of purchasing special items.


Feast of Winter Veil Discounts:


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