Hallow's End is a spooky celebration of the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge. This holiday is celebrated all across Azeroth with trick-or-treating, apple bobbing and more! This holiday is an in-game version Halloween, though it is not a one day only event.

Tricky treats are obtained through daily quests and are also dropped by Headless Horseman Boss. You will get four treats for completing daily quests and four Loot-Filled Pumpkin(opening this come with a potential for dropping a mask, or other fun holiday items). You then spend the tricky treats at vendor in the Halloween Event Zone.

Vendors and quest-givers are located at special holiday zones in Duskwood and Stranglethorn Vale (Wild Shore).


Event Duration: 14th of October - 18th of November


Do not forget, we will host two Halloween Events on 17th (Saturday) and 18th of October (Sunday) => 11:00 AM Server Time.


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The Transcend Team